The country is a cruise on an upward vertical, soon to regain its lost magnificence and sheen, to be crowned as "super power"..... And for such a vigorous & lively economy, logistics is an important, inseparable entity.

 Perhaps this sector needs a lot more to be explored and emphasized upon. 

At Vaishnavi Transport Corporation our attempt is to test and taste this horizon of opportunity and strive to be a catalyst in the country's growth. V.T.C is termed as the best transporter by the suppliers and customers. We excel in bulk transportation, rendering our services to major industries in KARNATAKA, KERALA, ANDHRA PRADESH & MAHARASHTRA by completed synchronizing with importers and manufacturers.

It brings us pride and delight to be the reason behind the pillar of infrastructure in the country by providing logistical support for raw material to sponge iron, T.M.T bar/rods, steel industries or to be behind each unit of power generated that lights homes across the country.


Our customers comprise some of the most recognized companies in the world. Our assets include a centrally located well-furnished office operated by dedicated staff who have years of logistics experience.